Hydrogold and No 3 Lotion Kit


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Our Impatient Kits are designed for the Divanista who does not have time to wait for results. These power-packed products deliver fast results in an easy-to-use kit! Price includes shipping. 

These bundles are an amazing value, and a great way try our best selling products. This kit includes:

Hydrogold Lotion (4 oz): is our definitely best-selling product, and it makes sense why! Hydrogold is the power-packed lotion designed to lighten their complexion quick without the use of steroid. It is one of our best selling lotions because of the dramatic results. This lotion is a scientific blend of ingredients of 12 active ingredients designed to make your skin more even tone, radiant, lighter and attractive. It does not contain mercury or steroid and is excellent in helping to fade dark marks, superficial scars, age spots, acne and pimple marks, liver spots, chicken pox marks, undereye darkness, (dark circles) or just if you want to lighten your entire complexion all over. Once your skin has attained its best, you can slow down on usage.  Please note it is very important to use this kit for the very best results.  With this, you can get lighter and smoother younger complexion.

No 3 Cream (1 oz): is a very potent cream with added STEROIDS. It also includes 3 different peptides and vitamin E. The cream is fast acting and will lighten skin and improve skin texture.

Combine a small amount of the two creams and apply twice a day (morning and evening).

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